Becoming Readers designs and delivers literacy workshops for kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers and creates books for the youngest readers.

What makes our teacher workshops special?

All teachers are working within the curricular structures of their school system. And that works for most of our students. But how do you reach those students that it’s not working for? These hands-on teacher workshops are based on our years of experience and sound research. This is not some program or system that you have to implement. It is a new way of thinking about the kids who need you the most. And it’s a set of tools and strategies to accelerate their literacy learning and change their lives.

What makes our books special?

When we design the First Books for Little Readers books, we always keep the developing reader in mind. So we include topics that are familiar and relevant to the world of a young child. We pay careful attention to how we place the text on the page, what the font looks like, and the structure of the sentences. We want to make sure that everything in these books supports the emerging reader at each level and creates a real feeling of success.

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