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Floyd Starnes  •  Susan Vaslow  •  Leela Payne

Floyd Starnes

Floyd has been in elementary school for just about his whole life.  He's been a Reading Recovery teacher, a first grade teacher, an ESL teacher, and a principal.  "The great love of my life is helping children discover the magic of reading.  It's not so much teaching them to read, as it is unlocking a secret that is right in front of them."

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Susan Vaslow

Susan has taught kindergarten, first, and second grade children for almost 20 years.  She is a trained Reading Recovery teacher and has been awarded National Board Certification.  "It's not enough for children's books to be beautiful and entertaining if we want the child to feel like a reader.  Books that support a developing reader must take into consideration what the child needs next."

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Leela Payne

Leela Payne is an artist, originally from New York, who currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Surrounded by a family of artists Leela has been creating art since she can remember.  Teaching art for more than twenty years has allowed her to share her passion and love of art with hundreds of thousands of children.  She see's Illustrating children's books as just another opportunity to spread the love of art and reading in the world.

More of Leela Payne's art can be seen at: Leelapayne@fineartamerica.com

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